Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Words mean things?

The worst part of Senator Allen's wanton racism and filthy comments towards an American of Indian decent is not that he hides his vinegary corpse behind PR flacks who keep trying to come up with the word he really meant to say. It's not that he obviously knows what "Macaca" means because his mother is French. It's not that he hasn't already shown signs of being a white supremecist or using such phrases to appeal to white suprmecists and those too cowardly to identify a such. It's not that major media doesn't care. I think the worst part is that he used the phrase "Welcome to America" to a fucking American because he had darker skin than him. This should serve notice to EVERY non white person in this country that the Republican party and the slimy right-wing cheerleaders who support these people do not think of us as Americans. Got that? Good.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why is it that people who post images like this:

are the first to bitch about how they are unfairly persecuted for being war mongers?

Pammykins - either you're for the cowardly slaughter of inncent kids from the skies above, both Lebanese and Israelis, or you're not.