Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gaza forgotten? Business as usual. Media still licks Bush (and not in the good way)

23 Palestinians killed in IDF raids in the northern Gaza Strip

I think it's sort of shocking to those of us who actually think there are 2 sides to every conflict that news coverage of the recent events in Lebabnon and Israel actually are somewhat balanced.

Sure there is the usual blathering from the usual susupects, AIPAC and the spineless Dems they own, on how Lebanon supports the terrorists and how the bombing of a UN post was an accident despite the UN asking them to stop bombing them 10 or 20 times and how Israel regrets every dead Lebanese child while Hezbollah celebrates every dead Israeli child. But for the most part, the coverage has been sort of fair (in the same way that we would all love to see $2.50 gasoline).

But how come the Palestinians can't get attention from American media? Sure they aren't as good looking as the Lebanese, and less Christian, but do they really deserve complete media blackout in the U.S.?

The media is allowed to cover the Lebanese plight because the Bush admin used the Lebanese situation last year as an example of their democracy spreading. So note to the Palestinians - if you do what the Bush administration wants, the media will give a shit about your deaths too!

Isn't it sad that despite being less popular that genital warts, the media still begs for the administration's permission?

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