Friday, January 12, 2007

And you thought Michelle Malkin was dumb.

While she pretends to be doing something in Iraq, her guest posters step in to make her appear sane (of course not really).

First this guy plays architectural historian:

The Athens embassy, which started operating in 1960, was designed by famous architect Walter Gropius, which is supposed to resemble the nearby Parthenon and which evokes "transparency" with its large glass walls.

Reeks of plagiarism to me.

It was confusing though to think of a wingnut actually paying some respect to artistry of architecture (rather than accusing it of being a secret Islamic batsignal)

Don't worry, the Mankin comes around:

One of the basic functions of good architecture is defense.

Actually that depends on the intended use of the structure. This building was designed as an embassy - where diplomats work, you know diplomats, diplomacy - any of you wingnuts know what that word means?.

Oh right, nevermind

Today, trendy "modern" design failed in that function.

How fitting for a wingnut to degrade the work of one of the most important architects of the 20th century to something out of the latest Abercrombie catalog.

And because wingnuts are stupid AND pompous, he makes sure to call the structure a failure.

The Gropius building, however important from the standpoint of architectural history, placed the symbolism of transparency over the substance of protection.

Gropius' liberal use of windows does not take into account the Islamofacist threat we face today.

No one wants brutal, ominous citadels symbolizing America abroad. But they all are targets and we can't afford to pretend otherwise.

Apparently we also can't afford to make people stop hating us too. Instead of thinking, "hmmm, just 50 years ago, nobody would think America could be so hated around the world that an embassy in Greece would be a target - maybe we should work on our image," a wingnut will just shrug off hatred of America as jealousy (yes, apparently even people living on the Greek Isles are jealous of America) and demand we insulate and segregate ourselves further.

The most telling thing about the story? The bombers weren't Muslims, so put aside the shrieking hysteria and inane platitudes we've come to expect from this crowd, the bombing of an embassy by westerners warrants a discussion on architecture. I repeat, a wingnut trying to discuss art. Oh the humanity!

Michelle also has Mary Catherine Ham posting. I don't think I need to elaborate any further.

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