Wednesday, April 05, 2006


BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The U.S. military on Wednesday called a video posted on the Internet purportedly showing the dragging of a U.S. flier's remains from a downed copter's wreckage "despicable."

We are outraged that anyone would create and publish such a despicable video for public exposure," military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Withington said in a statement. "The terrorists continue to demonstrate their immoral disregard for human dignity and life."

Yeah whatever.

Let's see, how did this shit start?

and then we had some of this

and about 150,000 of these

Oh yes - what they did to those soldiers was reprehensible and rotten. But Jonathan Withington and the U.S. Military ought to start taking a long hard look at why they are there in the first place.


Amanda said...

You are so right...we totally deserve this. I mean we take Iraqi soldiers, cut off their heads, arms and legs and post them on walls and on buildings as a warning to other iraqis to not aid the enemy....OH WAIT that was done by the terrorists in Iraq to some of OUR soldiers. And how do know that? My brother spent a year in the Sunni Triangle at the start of the war and witnessed it himself. And that happened WAY before Abu Ghraib!! I am not excusing what those soldiers did at Abu, but at least those men were left alive. By the way, under the Geneva convention, our military has the right to execute any nonuniformed hostile person, so I say we are being very kind to the insurgent scum over there. So before you spew traitorous rhetoric get your facts straight!!!

elemental said...

Yes the people at Abu Graib may be still alive - beyond that is the question of 150,000+ dead civilians.

I guess you missed the point that we've slaughtered 150,000 civilians based on a lie so when the military decides to talk about what's despicable they have little credibility with me.

Gee we don't cut off their heads - I guess death by cluster bomb is much more humane.

I'm glad you are proud of your brother, but frankly his life isn't worth more than anyone else on this planet so if you have a problem take it up with the people that sent him there to kill or be killed - they're the traitors.