Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bennish Death Threats

Remember when all the "free speech advocates" were waxing hysterical about Muslim reaction to the cartoons?

Remember how they said the death threats made against the editors of Jyllen-Posten and others were evidence of the global conspiracy to turn everyone into Muslims?

Bennish's Dad Reports Death Threats Against Family

(AP) DENVER The father of a Colorado teacher who compared President Bush's State of the Union address to speeches made by Adolf Hitler said he and his family have received at least 12 death threats.

Since so many of them were so adamant about protecting free speech and western values in Denmark, I fully expect them to be balls out when it comes to defending the interchange of free speech and ideas in America.

Let's look at what they are saying:

Michelle Malkin:

and here's what Charles Johnson is saying in defense of our most cherished principles:

Cap'n Cubicle weighs in on this important issue:

The Jawa report, always a first rate source for information on how Muslims rape more women than other people*:

Jihad Watch who stands vigilantly against the dhimmification of our glorious country:

Debbie Schlussel:


Belmont Club:

With all these virulent anti-dhimmi, defenders of our way of life vociferously defending the free exchange of ideas, unlike those barbarians who make death threats when somebody says something they don't like, I feel much better.

*Actual rape rates from different areas around the globe:

Eastern Europe, 63 per million population
Western Europe, 63 per million population
North America, 392 per million population
Latin America, 112 per million population
Africa (sub-Sahara), 34 per million population
Arab States, 7 per million population
South Asia, 14 per million population
South East Asia, 49 per million population
East Asia, 63 per million population

Source: Global Report on Crime & Justice

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Nuclear Cop said...

Those death threats are protected by freedom of speech! How dare you try to take away our right to threaten the lives of abortionists, evolutionists, the rational, etc.

Anonymous said...

we aren't seeing any of the quotes in firefox or explorer; what are we doing wrong?

john said...

That's the joke, dude.