Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh no more riots in Europe!

Violence flares at French rallies

Protests have turned violent in France as at least 250,000 people rallied against a controversial new labour law.
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The march in Paris, which police said was attended by 30,000 but which organisers put at 120,000-strong, was mainly peaceful.

However, a group of about 300 masked protesters threw missiles at police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

A newspaper stand and a number of cars were set on fire and protesters at the symbolic Sorbonne University - where street protests shook France in 1968 - pelted police with stones and bottles and chanted slogans comparing them to the Nazi SS.

What? No cartoons? No Muslims? This isn't news! WTF is the BBC thinking?

Just look at all the real journalists who agree with me by not reporting on this 130,00 person riot:


Fox News

The bloggers are also doing there part to say non! to this dispicable reporting of non-news

Little Green Footballs:



Keep in mind these were the same people that were vigilant in bringing you round-the-clock Muslim cartoon riot updates, so they know news when they see it!

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