Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Terror in the Newsroom

I decided to trudge over to the sewer that is Debbie Schlussel's blog to see what sort of hysterical Islamophobia I've been missing lately.

If you didn't know, Debbie Schlussel is like Little Green Footballs with tits and a blonde wig, turned up to 11.

It's pretty much impossible to report on all the insane things you can find on her site. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to read a single sentence without her screaming hysterically about evil Arabs and Muslims and linking otherwise innocuous public or quasi-public figures to all sorts of attrocious terrorist activity. To say that Debbie thinks she's living in a real life "24" is an understatemtent.

In one of her most recent posts, Debbie, who calls Al-Jazeera the Terrorist News Network, in no small part because she thinks they hate Jews, Israel and America, rips into them for, get this, hiring a Jewish news anchor!

In the fine tradition of other bigoted, low rent trolls such as Charles Johnson, Michelle Malkin, Debbie has castigated Al Jazeera for both hating Jews and embracing them all at the same time.

In another stunning display of bizarre casuistry, she rips into former Marine and Iraq-vet, Josh Rushing, for working with them, calling him their "American Monkey." Nice to see Debbie respecting the troops in this way.

Of course the supreme irony is that Debbie jumped at the opportunity to appear on the Terror News Network to discuss a film, Paradise Now, with the movie's director. Why Al-Jazeera would stoop to the level of this low-rent Ann Coulter is a testament to exactly the opposite of what Debbie and others like her think of Al Jazeera's role as Bin Laden's mouthpiece. From her own reports it sounds like she was given more than ample opportunity to make her points on the movie clear and was treated fairly and with respect (not that she didn't find something to bitch about).

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