Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Feeling a little masochistic today, I decided to see what sort of insane, disjointed expositions Debbie Schlussel has manufactured recently.

First, Debbie wonders why the UAE banned Michelle Malkin's site - was it was over her posting on the DPW sale or the Cartoon Controversy?

Personally I would think its because she's a boring hack who wants to intern everyone who looks like them, but I think her commentary on DPW could also be the reason. The Cartoon Controversy? Puhlease, the UAE isn't Pakistan, that was so last week.

Debbie goes on to say:

Regardless of the reason, it's yet another reason we can't let them control our ports. If they'll censor out her site from over there, what will they do when they are controlling vital points of entry and shipping here in America?

See by owning our ports the Islamofacists will also be given the keys to our internet machine and ban Debbie too.

Ok, my stomach isn't as stong as I thought so I'm going to skip ahead to the part where Debbie compares her 2 favorite shows: 24 and Sleeper Cell.

Debbie loves these shows for 2 reasons:

they actually show terrorists who are 1) Islamic, and 2) not sympathetic."

That's why I watch TV - for the racial stereotyping and castigation.

Debbie also says:

On this site, I've repeatedly lamented the lack of movies about terrorism in which the terrorists are 1) Islamic (as in most of real life), and 2) not sympathetic (also, as in real life).

I agree, liberal hollyweird never makes movies about Islamic radicals. Well except this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one.

See, most movie terrorists aren't unsympathetic and Islamic, therefore they aren't real terrorist.

Debbie is also disappointed in her shows because they seem to be repeating each other:

But after watching last week's episode of "24" and all ten episodes of "Sleeper Cell," I noted something else: Hollywood not only won't produce many of these shows, it also is not very creative in its choice of plots and actors.

NO WAY?!? You mean to tell me the same people that make 84 different shows about a fat guy, his good looking wife and kooky kids are unoriginal?

Same plots, same actors playing Slavic Muslim terrorists. That's what you get when most of Hollywood says "hands off" regarding the truth in the War on Terror, ie., not a lot of variety and a small pool of actors and ideas.

The lack of actors who can or want to play terrorists is small and hollywood isn't very original anymore so therefore they support Islamofacism.

Well I always feel kicked repeatedly in the head smarter after I read Debbie - don't you?

Bonus: Elle MacPherson is a HAMAS loving suicide bombing America hater because she reads Noam Chomsky! And also she was topless on the cover (along with 10 other models) proving that she is both a whore and traitor.

Well that was fun, but I've exceeded my hysteria quotient for one day.

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