Friday, February 17, 2006

Torture, Inc.

Many people have been talking about how the newest torture pictures will make American Service men and women and civilians more unsafe. This is of course, true as this administration continues to be the best recuiters Al Queda ever had.

It doesn't matter to this administration that their torture and murder of innocent people might cause more terrorism - for them its all the better.

Most people in this country won't remember, care or even slightly be able to link an act of terrorism to these deplorable acts and even if they could they would rationalize it by saying they were terrorists or that the attrocities were not equivalent ignoring that the equivalence is not in question, just the result of an action.

I'm also sure a large segment of our population just loves these pictures. They don't consider Muslims human so its not like they have to feel guilt about them. Many are so stuck in a 9-11 revenge fantasy that I'm sure the vast majority of the Bush base just feels like this is what they deserve. Un-Christian you say? Since when did Bush Christians ever behave like real Christians?

Seeing Palestinians dancing in the street, if real, was digusting. Smirking Republicans getting off on seeing sexual humiliation is not much better. Please spare us any outrage over moral equivalency.


dawud al-gharib said...

had a conversation with a Ugandan friend who works in Saudi once about this, I mentioned all the arab regimes and said it was a little in poor taste for them to start slamming the Americans for torturing & killing Arabs ("No! That's our job! Outsourcing is good for you AND you keep your hands clean!")... he answered that they don't promise freedom and democracy, and nobody's under any illusions that there's a "birth of a tolerant, prosperous and peaceful middle-east democracy".

Words and ideas do matter, and if one claims to be fighting on the side of 'light and good', one had better be damn sure one's not equivocating about the "means justifying the ends" - and that's from my mouth to the ear of whichever jihadi, soldier, or spy who wants to listen...

Otherwise, God help us all, we could be living in the "Armageddon-End Times" that Reagan and Falwell were dreaming of, the one that they helped give birth to...

elemental said...

I always liked the "but they cut off heads" argument.