Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is not a racist

Well at least he seems to be color-blind.

How much oxy-contin do you have to do before you think this man is black?

Well that's exactly what Rush said today.

Apparantly Rush spent part of his daily drug induced bloviation talking about the bullshit situation where our pathetic Dem leadership asked Iraq war vet Paul Hackett not to run against Ohio Congressman Sherrod Brown (shown above, and suspiciously not black) in the Democratic primary.

Now let me say first that I am pissed that the Democratic party thinks its ok to annoint our candidates rather than let us elect them, and you would think Rush would be more than happy to pounce on just that fact.

But not this fat, drug addled, bad golf playing fucknut - here's part of Rush's comment on the situation (as re-played on the Randi Rhodes show) he starts by talking about how the Democratic party running veterans is a political manuever but then lands this little elucidation:

...and don't forget that Sherrod Brown is black, there's a racial component to this as well..

First of all, how's about that for some major projection, but also, how lazy do you have to be when you can't even Google a congressman's name before blurting out this ridiculous assertation on your radio program carried on 600 stations so fat white men can feel oppressed.

Me thinks Rush has been sharing the good stuff with his staff. Rush's staff - check out this site when you come out of your stupors -

BTW, Sherrod is a great candidate and probably more liberal than Hackett. A bag of hair would be better than Mike DeWine, and if Brown can take his seat it would be great.

What pisses me off is that the Dem leadership says they wanted Hackett to step down because Brown has raised more money. Funny how that happens when the DNC channels all the money to Brown's campaign and pulls it from Hackett's. I think the real reason is that they're scared of Hackett, who is very vocal about criticizing the President. Instead of asking him to sit down, the Dem leadership should take a lesson from him, maybe we could actually stop fucking over this country for 5 seconds if we had an opposition party that actually opposed anything with any degree of success.

Anyhow, being a huge hypocrite, Rush freaks out over Bryant Gumbel's statements on the Olympics:

So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the winter games look like a GOP convention.

I admit that's rude, not to the GOP, because that is an accurate observation (though I didn't notice any athletes mocking veterans with little purple band aids), but by suggesting that black people are not in the Winter Olympics. It is also slightly, but not really, offensive to other minorities and white people. Irregardless, for pigboy to call out Gumbel as being a racist is laughable. And typical.

You just know they posted this picture of Gumbel with his hot white wife just to get the all the poor, oppressed white folk uppity and indignant.

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