Friday, February 10, 2006

Is this a Good Idea?

Via LGFWatch, we learn that Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves.

Skeletons are being removed from the site of an ancient Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem to make way for a $150m (£86m) "museum of tolerance" being built for the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

I wonder if this will affect the roadmap?

After a week of articles and debates about cartoons, this, which is seriously wrong, gets no attention at all (and probably never will). What's sad is that the Palestinians are fighting this the right way - in the courts which is another reason that you'll never hear a lot about this. As much as it sucks, they are correct that the only time anyone pays attention to them is when they riot, burn flags and blow shit up.

Osnat Goaz, a spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority, which is carrying out the excavations, said it was common in Jerusalem to build on cemeteries. Adding that in such cases the bones were reburied, she said: "Israel is more crowded with ancient artefacts than any other country in the world. If we didn't build on former cemeteries, we would never build."



Black Adam said...

I suppose this is the way one opens a dialogue of "unity and respect" these days. I don't have much faith that the legal battle will go the Muslims' way, though.

elemental said...

oh heck no - if it were the other way around you'ld be watching it 10 times a night on CNN.