Monday, February 27, 2006

Love Is A Force Of Nature

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop (sniff).

From LGFWatch comes the touching story of a lizard and his President, and a love that was betrayed:

I'm no longer a President Bush supporter
Heres a copy of an email I just sent to the White House.

Mr President

I have fought for you tooth and nail untill now. But following your support for the government of UAE to own and operate our ports, I can no longer support you.

In this war on terror, you have just set us back further than any gains we have made up till now.

While I supported you I was a proud boisterous supporter. Now I feel betrayed and sickened. You hand the keys to our country to the as sick brother of our enemy. Hundreds of thousands if not hundreds of millions will suffer for this error you have made.

You gave the keys to the equally deranged brother of our enemy, and for this I can no longer support you as my President.

You cant undo this Sir. Its symbolic of something about you that I can no longer trust. And my heart is absolutley broken.

You were my first President. The first person for whom I ever voted. I have a feeling you dont care about those like me who have fought tooth and nail to support you. I think now you will try to shame us into accepting and supporting this horrible decision. It wont work Sir, we are running away from you at a speed much greater than the power you have to explain this one away.

I would ask you to reverse your decision to sell our ports to our enemy, but I doubt you would listen.

Danny [redacted]
Lexington Kentucky

The simple manlove between a lizard and his Bush being torn apart by Arabs . Perhaps in the future, our society will be more accepting of the bigotry that all LGFers hold in their hearts, but for now, Bush must walk alone on that fine line between fear mongering and suckling the oily brown teet that feeds him.

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