Thursday, February 09, 2006

Doughy Pantload v. Islamofacists

From Crocheted Hats Jonah puts his ass on the line for America

Jonah Goldberg knows the Islamoterrorfascists want to destroy Western Civilization and bring back the iron rule of the global caliphate, and he's not going to put up with it! Jonah is shoving fear and cowardice aside and STANDING UP to the evildoers in a way that perfectly illustrates the kind of sacrifices the neoconservative right is willing to make for our freedom:

Last night the missus and I deliberately bought some imported havarti rather than the planned cheddar.

Huzzah! It takes manly strength and fortitude to purchase European cheese! And make no mistake, this wasn't some mere accident -- Jonah deliberately bought Havarti! Jonah says for us to put Havarti on our nachos for when we watch football!


2rockstars said...

Off Topic...

Just wanted to thank you for holding it down so well over at Gilliard's place when the locals start letting their racist out over the Danish Cartoon Fiasco. It's really all about power inequities and historical context, not so much religion (and certainly not "free speech"), and you're doing a great job of pointing that out.


elemental said...

Hey thanks - sometimes I'm not sure if what I'm saying makes sense - thanks for stopping by and letting me know its worth the while.

SWR said...

I'd second the first poster.

I was banned from posting on Steve's site because I got into a conflict with Jen. I occasionally lurk there now. She made some racist remarks against Middle-Easterners and I responded with some unfortunately misogynistic slurs on her.

She was much *less* interested in free speech when I referred to her as a c**nt, a term as offensive to women as the cartoons are to Muslims.

And while I was (rightfully) banned for my misogynistic slurs, she wasn't banned for her racist slurs.

So much for the right to be offensive.

elemental said...

Hi swr, thanks and that sucks you got banned because mostly the conversation there is pretty good.

I agree that Jen stoops to surprisingly racist remarks, seemingly unaware that she's even doing it. Your example, while harsh, certainly points out the double standard.

Anonymous said...

"And while I was (rightfully) banned for my misogynistic slurs, she wasn't banned for her racist slurs."

If you get banned at least once by Gilly, you're not trying hard enough ;-) It happend to me once also. Jen is his girlfriend or wife or whatever so it's a little much to think she'd get the boot.