Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I'm sure U.S. and Pakistani officials are peeing themselves with glee over the news that there were actually 4 terrorists killed last Friday.

Well probably more the Mushie government, they have a lot to lose. Our government doesn't really need to worry about collateral damage in these ridiculous air strikes because the major media outlets don't like to report on things that make people uncomfortable with their own morality. Quite frankly, most of the people don't care either, though as a whole Americans tend to have a decent percentage of people-who-give-a-fuck.

It's not as if the news media doesn't care about dirty brown people half way around the globe, they care about them a great deal. They make great photo ops and they allow them to occasionally write touching human interest stories where white people doctors fly some kid half way around the globe for some super expensive operation they would never have received back home.

But the most important function of the foreign masses is to propel the propaganda of the Straussian nightmare that is the current American government. Between hours of coverage about missing blond girls, the news media occasionally needs to remind the American public of its moral superiority and there's no better way to do that than to show the Holy Bushian Empire killing terrorists to keep the world safe for white decent people. The fact that our government summarily executes women and children isn't news. People may pretend to care for a sec and then return to their daily lives, thanking God that GWB is doing all he can to keep them safe.

The news yesterday wasn't about the 18 civilians killed in their homes, the story was about protests (anti-American, of course) around Pakistan. Any chance to show the barbarians in peak form is good news to the folks at CNN and Fox. It's not as if there aren't issues that need to be addressed in places like Pakistan - there is some serious religious and cultural bullshit going on over there. It's that the news outlets (and be honest, they are responding to what people want to see) drool all over themselves with any opportunity to show the savages behaving exactly how we need them to. Fox News loves Burkas. Can't get enough of them, can't show them enough because it is the perfect symbol to reinforce their own righteousness and gives them and the American people a sense that they are justified in killing handfuls of civilians.

Were 12 terrorists invited to dinner? Maybe, but it wouldn't surprise me if this is just spin to cover their heads and our tails. Pakistan needs to spin this quickly, but it won't help, and it probably shouldn't.

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