Sunday, January 22, 2006

I found this cool new website - it's called GOOGLE!

Ironically named commenter, wiseone, left the following statement in the post below about anti-Muslim, chickenshit bloggers:

Killing and maiming, like that which goes on day after day in the middle east, is illegal activity -- even in backwards islamic countries.

You are right. I have a Constitutional right to be an asshole. I, and everyone else, also has the right to let muslims know that we do not approve of their beliefs, especially in this country which, in reality, is at war with the muslim terrorists.

BTW -- I have never falsely accused Islam of being a vile belief system. Read a newspaper. Every day there are facts which support my beliefs. The facts speak for themselves.

My response which is not directed solely at wiseone but all else who follow his line of thinking (sadly for this country and our world, there are way too many):

Ok first of all, the people in the article are accusing American citizens of collaborating with terrorists when they have no proof beyond their own delusions.

Next, you're a fucking retard, do you honestly think there are more murders on any given day in the Middle East than there are in America?

try again:

The truth is that the facts do not support your belief system, only your petty hatred and self-loathing do that.

And what the fuck is up with you pencil dicks always telling people to read a newspaper? Goat herders in Azerbaijan have more knowledge of current events than you fools yet you're always imploring people to read a newspaper as if we're not aware of the mystical information that only you know that violent acts take place around the world on a daily basis? Look fools, we all know what's going on around the world, the difference is that we can analyze a situation in a manner that requires more intelligence than just screaming "Islam bad!, Islam bad!"

The fact that most of you fucknuts didn't give a shit about global politics prior to 9-11 is part of your problem. The fact that you barely made it out of high school is another. Go educate yourselves, try and actually learn something about other cultures that you didn't read on a militant anti-Muslim blog and then try to act like something more intelligent than a bag of dogshit.

BTW, wiseone, thanks for commenting here, I wish I could be a more hospitable host but it is against my personal beliefs to show any tolerance to bigots and liars of any persuasion, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, whatever. But your, um, 'insights,' are always welcome.

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mdhatter said...

I think he meant you should read "the watchtower".