Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have to say it

It really is beyond belief that any one person could generate such hate and vitriol on such a consistant level but our little Debbie is just exceptional.

Deb's latest piece is about an editorial in the Jordan Times, sweetly titled "Our Jill," about kidnapped American Jill Carroll who had worked at the Times prior to going to Bagdad.

Shluss claims that the Jordan Times (and King Abdullah himself, since Arabs aren't allowed to think) is saying it's ok to behead Americans based on this passage (that she bolded and underlined):

The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs. . . . Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Now I'm going to hope the issue from which Debbie derives her ludicrous drivel is where the editor says "True, Jill is a US citizen." I agree that something there struck a nerve with me. But to suggest that he was condoning kidnapping and beheading based on that one line seems, well, it sounds a lot like saying innocent bystanders deserved to be killed in a missle attack for living in the wrong village.

Ok now I know Debbie didn't say that, but hey, her and AssRocket are both white lawyers so by their logic it's perfectly acceptable to implicate her with his writing. Really I shouldn't stoop to their level but the truth is that Deb probably had a triple orgasm at the thought of Predator drones firing missiles into remote Paki outposts. I hate to think of how excited she would get if they nuked Tehran. Christ she wouldn't be able to walk for a week. Ick.

So back to Debbie's issue with the Jordan Times. The editorial goes on the talk about Jill's interest in Arabic culture.

She doesn't just "like" Arab culture, she loves it. . . . It is simply unconscionable for any Arab to want to harm a person like her.

Ok now I'm starting to see her problem - she was an Arab-lover! How typical of these Arabs to suggest that she shouldn't be beheaded for that.

Predictably, she calls Al-Jazeera "The Terrorist News Network" and complains about how they are "eating it up". Interesting choice of words Deb since the front page link to the story was sandwiched in between a story about violence in the Ivory Coast and the Wendy's Chilli-Finger incident. You know terrorists love their chili, right?

For the record, at the exact same time as I took the screenshot to the right, CNN had the Jill Carroll story as their headline with a huge photo of Jill. Their story focused more on the Christian Science Monitor's, for who she was working, attempts to free her. They mention the Jordanian editorial as well (sans asinine insinuation).'s frontpage is just going with the Chili story.

BTW, The CSM has a reputation as one of the elite publications in the world for their honesty, integrity and class. That they are involved with trying to help this woman rather than exploiting her, like most of our news outlets would, is a credit to them.

Debbie, reporting the news is not "eating it up." As much as you don't care about her, the world actually needs more people like Jill. Lots and lots and lots more, if not in action, then in spirit. What exactly is Debbie's problem with Al-Jazeera and the Jordan Times doing sympathetic reports on this woman? Who would have a problem with stories that kidnappers in Iraq would be more apt to respond to positively than say, threats from George Bush or condescending stories from CNN and Fox?

Debbie would. Her problem is that she loves it when these hostages are killed. The fact that she was an Arab-loving peace activist makes it that much better for her. She revels in every ounce of western blood spilled by Arab hands because that just gives her an opportunity to scream and shout about the barbarians and how poor, little, white girls people like her have to live on the same planet as them.

As a bonus, she tops it off by reminding us how she spit on the grave of Marla Ruzicka. What? No time to toss in a St. Rachael of the Pancake* reference?

Fuck you Debbie, this brave woman sits as a hostage and may be killed and all you can do is whine about a fucking editorial? You are officially a cunt.

*The no-dick troglodytes at came up with this moniker for Rachael Corrie, another beautiful and brave young woman who was murdered for trying to help people nobody else wants to.

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