Friday, January 20, 2006

Parshally Retarded

The other night, on Larry King's show, hysterical faux Christian radio freak Janet Pashall (aka The Church Lady) said it was Matthew Sheppard's own fault that he was tied to a fence and beaten to death:

But, in reality, I understand that Matthew was somewhat of a person who hung around some of the gay bars and was coming on to some people. So, was he looking for trouble in all the wrong places?

Obviously he was:

The prosecutor in the case charged that they (the defendants) pretended to be homosexuals in order to gain Matthew's trust to rob him. During the trial, Chastity Pasley and Kristen Price (the pair's then-girlfriends) testified under oath that Henderson and McKinney both plotted beforehand to rob a gay man. McKinney and Henderson then went to the Fireside Lounge, a gay hangout, and selected Shepard as their target. After befriending him, they took him to a remote area of Laramie where they robbed him, beat him severely (media reports often contained the graphic account of the pistol whipping and his smashed skull) and tied him to a fence with his own shoe laces. Both girlfriends also testified that neither McKinney nor Henderson were on drugs at the time.

So remember, if you go to gay bars, other men, through no fault of their own, may tie you to a fence and beat you to death.

God said so.

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