Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar, the Gay Terrorist

As I caught the Oscar nominations for best picture this morning on the way out the door, I was really, really happy to see that a couple of my favorites from the last year were nominated and I knew it would just make Debbie's day too.

The nominees for best picture are:


Ok I've only actually seen Crash and Good Night, but since the other three really piss Debbie off I have to assume they are thoughtful, intelligent films worth seeing and I will see them as soon as I have a spare 6 hours or so (excuses, excuses).

I think Syriana should have gotten into this group, but at least George Clooney got nominated for Supporting Actor which also pissed Debbie off.

Debbie mostly rants about Munich because apparantly its an epic terror-loving, Israel-hating tome. I seriously doubt this is the case, and the reasons Debbie gave previously for not liking it are her usual list of fluff reasons like "the terrorists were good looking," and "the terrorists daughter played piano." Yeah, she really is that shallow. Debbie also hates it because the characters are complex. She hates when things aren't black and white - Israel good, Arabs bad. The funny thing here is that it is the Mossad agents that are complex. Like most other media covering anything Israel/Palestine, the Israeli side is usually portrayed as having complex emotions about having to take the violent actions they are forced into by barbaric Arabs who are unconflicted, automatonic killers. Most people would think that this would be pro-Israeli. Not Debbie, she's such a psychotic she thinks everyone's against her Israel, when at best the film is usually described as 'fair' and 'thought provoking.' In talking to some who have seen it, the Palestinians are not treated very fairly, though in a film about the Munich Olympics it would be hard to do that.

Debbie's also pissed because Paradise Now, another film she thinks validates terrorism, has been nominated for best Foriegn Film. I want to see this movie so much. It's a complex film that takes the viewpoint of two would-be suicide bombers who decide not to carry out their mission. You would think a movie that promotes not blowing up civilians would be a good thing, but not Debbie, she thinks its a pro-terror thesis mostly because the would-be terrorists are nice looking!

Of course she hates that Brokeback received 8 nominations because gay people shouldn't be allowed to be portrayed in film and its a personal insult to America that they are. Transamerica was also nominated. This movie is about a pre-op transexual. Why people like Debbie are so self-absorbed to think other people's personal lifestyle preferences (in a work of fiction, no less) are an affront to them, let alone any of their business is beyond me, but Debbie is a cunt so we shouldn't really be surprised. What is surprising is that she had no comments about Capote.

She didn't say anything about Crash but we can rest assured that she hates multi-culturalism so this is also another example of how "Hollywood Loves Islamic Terrorists! Especially Palestinian ones." If you think that makes no sense, please remember who we're talking about and ask yourself since when did 'sense' have even a casual relationship to Deb.

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