Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yet another CDI defense

Attorney General Abu Gonzales is using the wingnuts favorite excuse to deflect attention away from their criminal activities - the CDI defense or CDID whereby all malfeasance can be excused by simply repeating the phrase "Well Clinton Did It" over and over.

It's one thing when some asshole like Rush Limbaugh uses this excuse because if he ever said anything that wasn't dumber than a bag of hair, wingnut heads around the country would explode. Despite the spontaneous increase in the national I.Q. level, I don't think our infrastructure could handle caring for millions of scrambled-brained wingnuts with foamy mouths.

When the Attorney General of this country does it it's just one more step down the road to facism. I'm no legal scholar but I am pretty sure the Attorney General's job isn't to find ways for the President to break laws.

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