Friday, January 20, 2006

Rights? We don't need no stinkin rights!

via Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch we learn about all the things that Michelle just hates:

* The right to due process
* The right to a jury of one's peers
* The right to assemble peacefully
* The right to distribute religious literature
* The right to hold union meetings
* The right to travel freely between states
* The right of minorities to vote in primary elections
* The right to the Jeffersonian seperation of church and state
* The right of minorities to live where they like
* The right to artistic freedom
* Brown vs. the Board of Freaking Education
* The right of veterans not to sign a loyalty oath
* The right to privacy
* The right to nondemoninational prayer
* The right to a state-appointed lawyer
* The right to a lawyer during police interrogation
* One person, one vote
* The right to privacy in political mailings
* The right to contraception
* The right of the accused to understand their rights
* The right to criticize US foreign policy
* The right of juveniles to due process
* The right to marry interracially
* The right of illegitimate children to inherit
* The right of the poor to choose their domestic living arrangements
* The right of students to self-express
* The right to procedural due process
* The right to offensive speech
* The right to publish whistle-blowing material
* The right of women to administer estates
* The right to choose
* The right of a woman to have dependents
* The right of The People to hold their president accountable
* The right of the mentally ill to live outside of confinment when appropriate
* The right of, yes, even Nazis to Constitutionally protected freedom of speech
* The right to distribute poltical pamphlets
* The right to unpopular political speech
* The right of prisoners not to be beaten
* The right of women to serve on juries
* The right to practice one's chosen religion
* The right to display political signs

Blogger/investigative writer/lawyer/hysterical racist Debbie Sclussel is donating her legal services to Stop the ACLU so I'm sure they are quaking in their commie red shoes.

Debbie is asking for help with the filing fees. For someone who truly believes the world will end if they don't stop this lawsuit you would think she could spare a few bucks. Nonetheless, if you hate all the things the listed above, go toss them a nickel.

Oh for cleansing purposes:

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