Friday, January 20, 2006

Keyboard Commandos: Protecting America

Reporting from the War on Brains, the St. Petersburg Times publishes an article on bloggers who are keeping us safe from the Islamofacimaniacs:

(Joe) Kaufman is 35, clean-shaven, a lawyer's assistant. He goes inline skating and writes love songs on guitar. But his passion is his Web site,, where he monitors the activities of Florida's Muslim community, looking for terrorist links.

Kaufman's site is only one of a constellation of blogs with names like,, and that are dedicated to the surveillance of American Muslims.

No LGF? Oh well, the SP Times is really one of America's better newspapers and the balance exhibited in this article is no different than others I've read from them.

He (Kaufman) claims he has not found a single mosque in Florida that is not linked to terrorists.

Well duh, they're all associated with the HAMAS front group CAIR! As we all know, CAIR will not stop killing Americans until every housewife in Iowa is wearing a Burka.

"He's spreading lies, slandering individuals," said Ahmed Bedier, spokesman for the Tampa Bay chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "These are vigilantes."

No Ahmed, vigilantes suggest vigilance. These guys aren't vigilant enough to wipe the Cheetoh dust from their keyboards.

Kaufman and other bloggers say their work is vital to the country's safety.

Spreading unsubstantiated lies based on a person's religious background always makes me feel safer.

As a boy, Kaufman says he was tormented for being Jewish, which shaped his view of himself.

"These kids turned me into an animal," Kaufman said.

It's good to see he's moved on from his tormented childhood by tormenting other people because of their religion.

Kaufman said he got his roommate kicked out of school for smoking marijuana.


"I decided, like I'd decided in college, to fight against hatred."

By hating even more.

Jennifer Valko opened her e-mail and saw a message of hate.

I will undress you paint your body with pig fat & light you. America is on to you! Watch your back!

It was the Thursday after Christmas. In two days, the Muslim spiritual retreat she had helped plan was scheduled to take place at Cedarkirk, a Presbyterian camp and conference center in eastern Hillsborough County.

Hmm, I don't think the War on Hate is working.

"I know what I went through growing up, and it was never my intention to cause any type of hatred against anyone."

Oh we believe you Joe, I'm sure that's why you went on Fox News to discuss the camp and 'posted computer-altered images of masked terrorists standing in front of the Lithia campsite.'

But he added, "I can't let it stop me from what I'm doing. ... I'm assisting in the safety and security of the American people."

Being a delusional nutjob shouldn't stop anyone from assisting in the safety and security of the American people.

Robert Spencer of

"If I give it up and go away and take up the saxophone, then what the heck is going to happen to society and to the rest of the world?" he asked.

Listen to yet even more bad Kenny G renditions?

Angry White Kid has more.


teh l4m3 said...

What. A. Wanker.

I mean, narcing on his roommate? Then he goes on to harass Arabs and Muslims? What a shining example of a life well lived.

elemental said...

Well he was just keeping the dorms safe for real Americans.

wiseone said...

Muslims ought to have the right to PEACEFULLY assemble as should Communists, Nazis, KKK, and all other extremists organizations. That does not mean, however, that we need to accept their beliefs or make them feel comfortable about expressing those beliefs.

elemental said...

No you don't, you have the Constitutional right to be an asshole.

You don't, however, have the right to harass people or falsly accuse them of illegal activity where none exists.

wiseone said...

Killing and maiming, like that which goes on day after day in the middle east, is illegal activity -- even in backwards islamic countries.

You are right. I have a Constitutional right to be an asshole. I, and everyone else, also has the right to let muslims know that we do not approve of their beliefs, especially in this country which, in reality, is at war with the muslim terrorists.

BTW -- I have never falsely accused Islam of being a vile belief system. Read a newspaper. Every day there are facts which support my beliefs. The facts speak for themselves.

elemental said...

Ok first of all, the people in the article are accusing American citizens of collaborating with terrorists when the have no proof beyond their own delusions.

Next, you're a fucking retard, do you honestly think there are more murders on any given day in the Middle East than there are in America?

try again:

The truth is that the facts do not support your belief system, only your petty hatred and self-loathing do that.

And what the fuck is up with you pencil dicks always telling people to read a newspaper? Goat herders in Azerbaijan have more sense and knowledge of current events than you fools yet you're always imploring people to read a newspaper as if we're not aware of the mystical information that you know that violent acts take place around the world on a daily basis? Look fool, we all know what's going on around the world, the difference is that we can analyze a situation in a manner that requires more intelligence than just screaming "Islam bad!, Islam bad!"

The fact that most of you fucknuts didn't give a shit about global politics prior to 9-11 is part of your problem. The fact that you barely made it out of high school is another. Go educate yourselves, try and actually learn something about other cultures that you didn't read on a militant anti-Muslim site and then try to act like something more intelligent than a bag of dogshit.

BTW thanks for posting here, I wish I could be a more hospitable host but it is against my personal beliefs to show any tolerance to bigots and liars of any persuasion, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, whatever.

mdhatter said...

muslims are "extremists"????

there are about a billion muslims. get used to them. I have. Like most people (except wiseones) they just want to get along, raise kids in decent schools, and pay as little tax as possible.

truly, wisdom beyond his ears.

"That does not mean, however, that we need to accept their beliefs or make them feel comfortable about expressing those beliefs."


mdhatter said...


i'm confident that most muslims have figured out that we're trying to kill muslim terrorists.

you assume the former to mean the latter.

So, what does making muslims HERE feel uncomfortable do?

compensate for something? Fill a void? restore the world trade center?

make your immigrant ancestors wish they hadn't bred?

well, be assiured. One thing it DOES do is increase the chance of me seeing you doing it, and getting my white face all up in your white face.

You assume too many people would have your back, and that's not very wise.